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Relieve yourself of the disadvantages of short-term rental of your atypical property, treat yourself to a good time and only enjoy the advantages! We work on a complete management ranging from the photo service to the online writing of advertisements on reservation platforms, communication with travelers, the sending of personalized sms and warnings concerning noise pollution, personalized reception, hand-delivery of the keys but also availability 7 days a week at any time to manage the requests and needs of travelers up to cleaning and cleaning of bed linen. 


We have a long-term vision and wish to develop the influence of the city of Amiens, which is why we have a refusal rate of 93% of management requests taking into account the real quality of the properties presented; we only work with the most beautiful properties in the city, seeking excellence and the rare pearl.


If you have a particular property in Amiens, an apartment, a house equipped, tastefully furnished and you wish to rent it for the short term, let's meet! 

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Do you need to improve your quality of life?

Your professional life is intense and leaves you very little time to devote yourself to your family, your hobbies? On the contrary, do you have time and like to be surrounded?

Personalized services meet all your daily life needs from the most classic to the most original, your advantage is to be surrounded by a "trustworthy person" who will know how to meet your requirements because we all like bread differently, more or less cooked, the housework we all do more or less in detail. We believe that customer satisfaction is only possible when the services rendered are both in substance and in form. Live a real human experience full of humor, exchanges and attentions. 

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